Locum Work – Quick Start Guide

There is no real silver bullet when it comes to filling out forms and checking everything is included and submitted right the first time. However, there are a few key things that will get you up and running when you decide you want to get going and ensure your presentation is optimised so you can take your choice of opportunity.

Some of it is just getting your house in order so to speak, but others require thinking about what you want, which with the amount of opportunities available can be the tough part. Then it comes down to the admin side which is no mean feat based on the volume of it alone, and this is where a great agency can make all the difference.


1. Be specific about what you want to achieve from locuming

We know your time is valuable, and don’t want to needlessly intrude so giving us the honest truth about what you want out of your locums can help us find the best placement for you. It might be locations, types of roles, the length of work or times of the year, teaching locations or specific experience sought (or even what you don’t want) it all helps. Equally, if you are happy to do anything and go anywhere you will find some great options being presented.

2.Have an idea of your availability whether it is near or far away

Vacancies are coming in every hour and we know if you are ready to go now or in 6 months time it can make all the difference to landing the best locum roles, some of which don’t come around every day.

3. Have your CV up to date and with no gaps

This is a standard document for any locum placement, without it there is no opportunity, plain and simple. Chronologically is best but knowing what the hospital wants allows the focus to be put on the right skills or experience – this is where a good agency comes into play.

4.Give your referees a heads up.

These are important so don’t overlook them as most hospitals won’t accept anything less than your last two positions regardless of who you know. Referees need to be available to give comment.

5. Have your important documentation to hand

CV aside, have your qualifications, fellowship details, and registration ID numbers, serology etc accessible so when you need to provide it, there are no delays. Likewise, you will need to provide appropriately certified identification. Certification can take time to get the right person relevant to the country of work sought, your agency should be able to help you with this.

6.Payment terms and tax implications – know them!

How often will you be locuming? Will you need a local bank account, will you need to invoice, you may need to take advice on tax implications as you will need to file a tax return in Australia regardless of your citizenship and length of locum.

7. Work with a trusted agency

Integrity and trust matter when it comes to representing you and your medical career. In an industry with only self-regulation, you need to be sure that a reputable experienced agency is in your corner who will act with professionalism and transparency. Whats more, a true full-service agency will ease the paperwork pile and do all the double and triple checking which means you stand the best chance of being where you want to be sooner.
So all in all, one might say a list of common sense things, but given the clutter and busyness of our lives, it is not surprising that a quick checklist like the above, if followed, will get you up a running sooner.

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