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You love being an O&G Consultant, but you know it might be nice to have a change of pace. Maybe you want to experience practising rural medicine or making a difference in an under-served community. Or perhaps you’d like to practise in a faster-paced environment. The good news is that you don’t need to trade in a good wage for finding your bliss. At AUSSTAT, we combine our years of experience with yours so you can successfully work on your own terms.

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Locum jobs

O&G consultants, we can simplify your job search! AUSSTAT is an established industry leader with over 19 years of experience bringing doctors and locum jobs together. We provide not only the best jobs, but we also, hands-down, provide the very best service to all of our consultants. As the need for skilled OBGYNs grows, so do the number of excellent locum O&G jobs. We need seasoned FRANZCOG-qualified consultants for these Australian O&G jobs right now.

No matter the stage in your career, you will find locum O&G jobs to be infinitely rewarding. AUSSTAT is highly committed to helping you find the perfect fit, all while offering some of the highest pay in the industry and unparalleled support for our locum O&G consultants.

Where AUSSTAT Brings Value to You as an OBGYN

AUSSTAT is known and respected for striving to meet your needs and help you with locum or permanent O&G jobs across Australia and New Zealand, allowing you to work how and where you want at any stage of your career by providing:

  • NLogistics and Full Administration Support. We take care of all of the details of your locum job so you can practise the best medicine possible. We will also handle registration and paperwork to take the weight off your shoulders.
  • NCareful Consideration of Your Wishes and Needs. We won’t assign you a job that isn’t a good fit. We’ll do our very best to match you with everything on your wish list and place you in the perfect position for your skill set. Your clinical support is also key and we can place based on your requirements here too.
  • NEasy Direct Payment and Invoicing. In most cases we can offer these two services to make getting paid for your work all that much easier.
  • NAccess to the Best and Widest Variety of Jobs. As a leader in the industry with the biggest network throughout Australasia, we can offer you what the others can’t — a wider variety of jobs and locations with excellent pay. Opportunities also exist in smaller hospitals for a wider variety of tasks including ED – you just need to know where to look as some advertise their more senior O&G roles a bit differently.
  • NNo-fee Services. All of our services are completely free to our candidates. You won’t ever have to pay a “finder’s fee” or any other nonsense some agencies might try to charge.
  • NProfessional ethical approach to medical recruitment.

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Register now so you can start receiving some of the best O&G jobs, as often as you like, and take advantage of our VIP services. These ensure great one-on-one support, priority job access and unparalleled representation which will add real value to your career and lifestyle goals.

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Outstanding service is the main driver behind our committed and dedicated team. We work towards providing medical professionals the jobs they seek and ensuring the hospitals and clinics get the best people with the right skills and attitudes. We proudly provide superior service you won’t find anywhere else. Once laborious and tedious, paperwork hassles are now minimised with our full administrative service. Register today to discover the many ways we prove the strengths and benefits of our service.