Turn-key Doctor Locum Recruitment Agency Offers More than just Good Rates!

The health industry is competitive! Just as it takes more than a qualification to become a good doctor, the medical recruitment agency you choose must offer you more than good rates and a high number of jobs to be of best value.

So how do you choose a great locum agency?

Trust, market knowledge and experience count for much. Your account manager, knowing the market, what you want, and appreciating what you need from your career, matched with your lifestyle goals is all part of the puzzle. Then there is all the rest you might not see but happens to make your locum as smooth and easy for you as possible (yes the old adage ‘the devil is in the detail’ is still true today). Don’t let a good rate hide the other important facets of a great locum placement.

Here is what you should look for:

  • Integrity, this is vital and let’s face it, do you want someone with less than desirable ethics dealing with your career and financial well-being?
  • Full-service logistics and services including registration assistance and paperwork handling. The last thing you want is to be dumped on the door-step with no plan, details or contacts and having to sort your own accommodation
  • Direct Payment to you so you don’t have to chase it up with the hospital
  • Total support which includes any troubleshooting required throughout your locum
  • Placement and contract negotiation
  • Where the service is free to candidates
  • Real appreciation and respect for your commitment

So regardless if you are new to locuming, are a seasoned or full-time locum or returning to locuming from a permanent position Register Now and ensure your next locum placement is worth every penny!

AUSSTAT delivers consistently 95% satisfaction levels to candidates and clients alike. Read what our doctors have to say.

Are you ready to remove the hassle out of your next locum placement and receive the jobs you deserve?
  • N AUSSTAT is a medical recruitment agency with the most experience in the industry, trust and integrity
  • N We are full-service recruitment agency and have access to the most medical jobs throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • N Best matching of your wish list, skill set and career aspirations
  • N Administrative support and troubleshooting second to none
  • N Our services are free to candidates
  • N Try us and you won’t want to turn back

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