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Year On Year, Our Health Professionals Agree With Us Too!

I first started locum work in October 2016. I had work with another agency then.

I had one free day to pick up locum work after joining AUSSTAT which has since resulted in me working as a full-time locum with them.

AUSSTAT make it easy for me as they take care of everything from job to travel and so much more, and doing locums with them gives me a high level of flexibility to care for my family and study for my exams. If you are looking for someone to really look after you – these guys are the best!


Dr N Elbiadi


As a newly qualified orthopaedic surgeon I found the assistance provided by Irene and the AUSSTAT team to be invaluable. From navigating my way through specialist registration to monthly hospital invoicing they were there every step of the way. The extended locum work that they arranged whilst I waited for my overseas registration ensured that I could thoroughly enjoy my fellowship without having to worry about financial issues.


Meghan Dares
Orthopaedic Surgeon


“I finished my advanced training in Orthopaedic Surgery with the NZOA and RACS in 2014 and was fortunate enough to have some very prestigious fellowships organised for 2015 to 2018. The first was at the highly reputable Department of Orthopaedics at the University of Bern Hospital, Bern, Switzerland – a phenomenal fellowship in terms of surgical experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and work in Switzerland for one year.

But this fellowship was unfunded and Switzerland happens to be one of (if not) the most expensive countries in Europe. Therefore, for the first time in my career, I explored locuming. One of my friends referred me to his agent Irene Fussel at AUSSTAT/Kiwis STAT.

Right from the outset, Irene was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is reliable, honest, highly motivated and a conscientious individual with an engaging yet unassuming personality.The entire team at AUSSTAT/Kiwis STAT were simply phenomenal and made my locum experience effortless and memorable. I was impressed by their dedication, organisation and professionalism.

I have no hesitation in recommending AUSSTAT/KiwiSTAT to anyone considering locuming or locuming more often. They have my trust and I will continue to work with them over the next few financially challenging years whilst on Fellowship training.”

Mr Sumit Raniga
Orthopaedic Surgeon

“In 2010 my husband, son and I moved to the Philippines to do voluntary missionary/aid work in a poor coastal fishing area of Luzon. As soon as we planned to do this we knew that I would need to return to NZ to do locum work to earn funds to support our living expenses and our aid work.

I registered with AUSSTAT/Kiwis STAT in 2009 and they have been outstanding at providing me with locums each year. They keep in touch regularly to ascertain my work needs and availability, assist with administrative requirements and efficiently arrange travel and insurance for my locums. They also added our charitable Trust (Hands of Hope) to the gift register which has provided a regular source of donations for us over the years.

We have seen that education is a key way to move out of poverty. We initially sponsored children to attend the local Elementary (primary) school but the school is very overcrowded with large class sizes. Two years ago we began a Department of Education registered private Elementary school which is now nearing the end of its second year of operation. We charge minimal fees to allow parents an affordable option to invest in the lives of their children. We also sponsor over 40 of the first children we sponsored to attend High School or College. The photograph is of some of me with some of the elementary students at our school.

We could not do any of this if it was not for the support we have had from AUSSTAT/Kiwis STAT. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have donated their gifts to Hands of Hope over the years. ”

Jenny Westgate
Obstetric & Gynaecology Consultant



“I see AUSSTAT/Kiwis STAT are turning 15 this coincides nicely with the first ever Locum I did, I think to Kempsey, you guys are great and I wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere.”

“I’ve been referring people to AUSSTAT since I started with you guys, you’re heaps more helpful and thorough than the other agencies I dealt with.”

“I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to you and your team for helping me out over the past few months – it is always a pleasure to hear from your team -so friendly helpful and accommodating and I feel like they are people I can trust. Keep up the good work.”

“I must say I am thus far very impressed with my dealings with AUSSTAT.

“I have been waxing lyrical about the prompt service I have received to a few friends and two of them were keen for me to refer them to you for potential work.”

What our health providers have to say….

“Thanks for all the assistance you have given us, it has been excellent. (Recruitment Consultant) has been just great! You got me out of such a tight spot.”
NSW Hospital

“I enjoy dealing with the one coordinator -we know how each other works and they know exactly what I need.”
New Zealand Hospital

“The supply of locums is refreshingly reliable and communication is excellent… I recommend AUSSTAT as a reliable and high quality locum service.”
Rural Hospital Victoria, Australia

”I must let you know that you are the most organised, efficient agency I deal with.”
NSW Hospital