Quality Health Care – Paying it forward…

AUSSTAT is founded on the basis of providing access of quality health care to those that need it. We know that for some, whilst health care is important, survival is their main focus requiring items such as food, shelter and clean water too.

Over the last 19 years, AUSSTAT has supported many charitable endeavours with World Vision, Tear Fund and many other ventures initiated by our locums and their families. We have made the “gift of giving” available to our locums so they can choose to gift their rewards to children and countries that need assistance. Staff too are involved on a personal level, with sponsoring a child or gifting part of their wages to support those in need. We are proud to work together for the common goal of bettering another persons well being.

Updates from some of the ventures we support are listed below. If you feel you can help with any of these endeavours, please click the links included in each article.

World Vision – A decade of support

Through staff salary donations, doctor and nurse gift programmes and annual donations as part of our Xmas offerings, AUSSTAT support this well recognised effort to improve the plight of those suffering extreme poverty and injustice throughout the world. In 2017 we are thrilled to celebrate 10 years of support for World Vision and thank you all for working with us to enable us to do so Read more…..

World Vision  – Smiles Gifts in Action

Click here to see how your gifts are making a world of difference. We hope to update these each month.

Hands of Hope – Philippines

A christian charity set up by one of our locum doctors, Dr Jenny Westgate, to help those in need in the Philippines covering a wide range of life changing services including health and education. Read more….

Project Burans

Dr Kaaren Mathias and Dr Jeph Mathias continue their work in India in the hills of Uttarakhand.

Papamiya Clinic and Jibhi Projects – India

Since 2006 Dr Kaaren Mathias and Dr Jeph Mathias have been working in the mountainous region of Manali India to improve the lives of others providing and coordinating a range of health and other services. Read more.…