Where are you going? What will you do?

Watch the video below for some fun and a bit of Dr Seuss too!

       Oh the places you’ll go, where do you think?

  Where would you go this year, if you could pick?

   To see all the sights and do all the do,

       Most importantly to do what it is that you do.

Locum that is as a doctor no less,

The locations the start but the rest is the best!

With great people you’ll meet there are ones you will aid,

 With treatment and trainings or teaching your trade.

        In a fresh new place or a familiar fit

  To add value and scope and all those good bits.

A service you’ll give, with great thought, with great care.

To be compensated more than generously and fair.

With us you’ll secure your job which is the best,

Ticks on your wish-list and much more I bet!

So come along now, step right up

 The world does not wait, it never gives up.

        Time marches on daily, in the seconds and hours.

  Don’t miss out on chances that life gives you now!

Ask you your questions, below is a list!
And step right up now to be picked, picked up quick.

Where are you going? What will you do?

How will you work, and who will help you?

Who will you help and who will you meet?

It’s here for the taking,

So step up, take your seat!

See below for some of the places our doctors work as locums! Follow us or add your own using #AUSSTAT # LocumLifestyle, we would love to see where you go and what you love when on locum location!

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