ICU Locum Jobs are High-paying and can Supplement Your Income

AUSSTAT Specialises in Offering ICU Locum & Permanent Jobs

Now more than ever, AUSSTAT needs locum ICU Consultants with the skill and confidence in their speciality to join other doctors who put their trust in us to manage their locum placements (like many others do). Fill in the gaps in your work week with Australian ICU jobs. Not only do we offer above industry pay rates, but we also match your lifestyle requirements, place you in locations you desire, and provide unparalleled support along the way.

You will find locuming as an ICU consultant with AUSSTAT an excellent option if you have a regular but intermittent schedule — or upcoming blocks of time off — and wish to supplement your income.

If you are an FJFICM-qualified consultant, let us help you find your next placement. All of our locum ICU specialists are well-reimbursed for their technical skill at all levels.

Perks our ICU Consultants Enjoy:


  • NIncreased income. Supplement your income with regular or one-off locum ICU jobs.
  • NExpand your field experience. Each assignment will allow you to learn new techniques and skills that will broaden your career base.
  • NGreater flexibility. You have greater control over your own schedule.
  • NSee and experience new locations. Each locum placement gives you the opportunity to explore new and diverse areas.
  • NContracts can be negotiated to suit. We will advocate and negotiate on your behalf to secure the most desirable terms per your requirements.
  • NMeet new people and work with old friends and colleagues. Locuming gives you the unique advantage of being able to not only meet and work with new faces, but to reconnect and share ideas, work techniques and knowledge with old friends and colleagues, enriching your experience.

AUSSTAT’s Value is Unique and Unrivaled — Give Us a Try!

We offer:

  • Full support in locating great jobs and providing administration support for registration and paperwork assistance.
  • Invoicing and direct payment services (in most cases).
  • Best efforts in matching all ‘wish list’ requirements for positions, taking into account your skill set and where you’d like to take your career.
  • The largest and most securely established locum network in Australasia, offering up access to the widest number of jobs.
  • Free services to candidates — you never have to pay a fee or percentage.

Get the ICU Locum Job that’s Right for You Now!

Our VIP service ensures great one-on-one support, priority job access and unparalleled assistance and representation which will add real value to your career and lifestyle goals. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a locum ICU specialist with AUSSTAT, call us today.  We’ll walk you through your registration or just answer any questions you might have on how you’ll succeed as a locum with AUSSTAT.

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Outstanding service is the main driver behind our committed and dedicated team. We work towards providing medical professionals the jobs they seek and ensuring the hospitals and clinics get the best people with the right skills and attitudes. We proudly provide superior service you won’t find anywhere else. Once laborious and tedious, paperwork hassles are now minimised with our full administrative service. Register today to discover the many ways we prove the strengths and benefits of our service.