Doctor Locum Recruitment for Hospitals – Full Service Means Exactly That!

We’ll ensure that your locum really works for your organisation. We assess the skills and experience of our locum doctor prospects and match them to the most suitable opportunities for your medical recruitment placements. The utmost care is taken of all the details which include reference checking, paperwork completion, travel logistics through to briefing and feedback and so much more.

This full-service approach ensures the locum you get is the very best fit for your organisation.

The Biggest Network with the Most Admin Support

AUSSTAT has an extensive network of health professionals registered for locuming and permanent work. We have locums ready to go and we will dove-tail into your processes which can include contracts, documents and paperwork plus travel and accommodation arrangements. Our locums will arrive with as much site information as possible which adds to your briefing and orientation and ensures they hit the ground running (like we know you need them to).

Best Match, Not Just Any Match

Our networks and systems ensure we find the right health professionals to meet your needs. We provide an efficient, professional recruitment service that makes sourcing the health professionals you need, easy and hassle free….. in short, we help you with the hard work.

We will Find you All Levels of Doctors

AUSSTAT can find you all levels of doctors from juniors through GPs and specialists. Our professional account managers ensure all the regulatory requirements are met and thoroughly smooth the process every step of the way. We have policies and software to ensure the highest levels of documents are updated as per credentialling requirements, which added to the human component provides your organisation a thorough service you can trust.

Permanent Recruitment Too

Recruiting overseas health professionals into positions in Australia requires specialised expertise. Our team has considerable experience over many years in reading, assessing and grading credentials. We have established extremely robust criteria which, in most cases, exceed those of the hospitals, health organisations and our competitors for better match and transparency. This expertise includes specialist recognition, immigration and registration of our targeted health professionals in all Australian states. We constantly review the changes taking place in the health field to ensure our hospital clients can have the utmost confidence in our systems, our criteria and our candidates.

We are ISO 9001 qualified which can add to your confidence that our processes are robust and at the top of the industry standard.

If you have vacancies that need filling and services to maintain, call us to learn how we can help you reach your recruitment targets.

1800 422 966

We can offer you candidates in the following areas:

Anaesthetics | Emergency Medicine | O&G | General Medicine | Paediatrics | Orthopaedics | Urology | Cardiology | ICU | Neurosurgery | General Surgery | Neurology | Nephrology | Retrieval Medicine | Vascular Surgery | Radiology | Gastroenterology | Orthopaedic Surgery | Psychiatry | Geriatrics | Infectious Diseases | GP

Our promise to you

  • N Professionalism, ethics and industry knowledge are core to all our business practices
  • N Best match – placement type, attitude etc is as important to us as it is for your organisation
  • N Larger database of candidates coupled with our superior service is what makes us the locum agency of choice
  • N Easing the paperwork war with hassle-free full administrative service
  • N Total assist- ensuring support from vacancy placement throughout the locum – we won’t cut and run
  • N We do what we say we will